Focus Area
  1. Forum on ASEAN Single Currency
  2. ACC's Studies on Issues raised by goverment bodies
  3. Chamber Orchestra of ASEAN
  4. 100 Top ASEAN Medical Specialist Handbook
  5. ASEAN Economic Signs Handbook
  6. Invest ASEAN Convention
  7. Made-in-ASEAN Products Expo
  8. ASEAN Digital Forum
  9. ASEAN Commodity Exhibition
  10. ASEAN Tourism Exhibition
  11. ASEAN Traditional Herb Conference
  12. ASEAN Auto Engineering Symposium
  13. ASEAN Silk Carnival
  14. ASEAN Songket Carnival & Competition
  15. ASEAN Accessories Expo
  16. ASEAN Tudung Show
  17. ASEAN Costume Fair
  18. ASEAN Song Competition
  19. ASEAN Chambers Congress 
  20. ASEAN Food Carnival
  21. ASEAN Heart Surgery Specialist Conference
  22. ASEAN Car Maker Congress
  23. ASEAN Malay Entrepreneur Congress
  24. ASEAN Malay Assembly
  25. ASEAN Malay Legacy Convention
  26. ASEAN Gold & Silver Expo
  27. ASEAN Traditional & Royal Musical Instrument Show
  28. ASEAN Traditional Games Show
  29. ASEAN Eye Surgery Specialist Conference
  30. ASEAN Property Expo
  31. ASEAN SME Form
  32. ASEAN Bulletin
  33. ASEAN University Researches Symposium & Expo

We offer business matching & trading, conventing & exhibitions, meetings & conferences, workshops & forums, and courses & seminars focusing on important topics of international trade & commerce. Our typical events include:

  1. Trade Mission to member countries
  2. Golf Tournaments
  3. Holiday Gala ASEAN & International Chambers dinners
  4. Regional Trade
  5. Conventions & Symposiums
  6. International Trade Conferences & Exhibitions
  7. Customs Rules & Procedures courses
  8. Courses for Importers/Exporters
  9. Seminars on Import & Export Safety
  10. Marketing & Skills Workshops and more...

International Members

We represent the diversity of ASEAN regional business communities which members comprise the spectrum of firms and individuals involved directly or indirectly in international trades.

Through a collaboration with Malaysia-China International Trade Link Association (MACITA), we reach China.

Through a collaboration with the International Association of Islamic Business of Russian Federation (IAIB), we reach Russia, Khazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Azerbaijan.